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import glob
import logging
from typing import Dict, Union

import yaml
from slack import WebClient
from slack.errors import SlackRequestError
from slack.web.classes.messages import Message
from slack.web.slack_response import SlackResponse

from .request import GladosRequest
from .utils import get_enc_var, get_var, check_for_env_vars

[docs]class BotImporter: def __init__(self, bots_dir: str):"starting BotImporter with config dir: {bots_dir}") self.bots = dict() # type: Dict[str, GladosBot] self._bots_yaml = dict() self._dir = bots_dir
[docs] def import_bots(self): """Import all bots in the bots config folder Returns ------- """ files = glob.glob(f"{self._dir}/*.yaml") logging.debug(f"bot config files found: {files}") for f in files: with open(f) as file: self._bots_yaml.update(yaml.load(file, Loader=yaml.FullLoader)) for bot_name, bot_config in self._bots_yaml.items(): self.bots[bot_name] = GladosBot(name=bot_name, **bot_config)
[docs]class GladosBot: """ GLaDOS Bot represents all the required data and functions for a Slack bot. Notes ----- All Slack Web API functions can be called from MyBot.client.* Parameters ---------- name The name of the bot (URL Safe) token The bot token signing_secret The bot signing secret. Attributes ---------- name: str The name of the bot (URL Safe) token: str The bot token client: WebClient A Slack client generated for that bot signing_secret: str The bots signing secret. """ def __init__( self, token: Union[str, Dict[str, str]], name: str, signing_secret: Union[str, Dict[str, str]] = None, **kwargs, ): # Get the values from the env vars if used. token = check_for_env_vars(token) signing_secret = check_for_env_vars(signing_secret) = name self.token = token self.client = WebClient(token=token) self.signing_secret = signing_secret
[docs] def validate_slack_signature(self, request: GladosRequest): valid = self.client.validate_slack_signature( signing_secret=self.signing_secret, **request.slack_verify.json )"valid payload signature from slack: {valid}") if not valid: raise SlackRequestError("Signature of request is not valid")
[docs] def send_message(self, channel: str, message: Message) -> SlackResponse: """Send a message as the bot Parameters ---------- channel channel to send the message to message message object to send Returns ------- """ return self.client.chat_postMessage( channel=channel, as_user=True, **message.to_dict() ).data
[docs] def update_message(self, channel: str, ts: str, message: Message) -> SlackResponse: """Updates a message that was sent by the bot Parameters ---------- channel : ts : message : Returns ------- """ return self.client.chat_update(channel=channel, ts=ts, **message.to_dict()).data
[docs] def delete_message(self, channel: str, ts: str) -> SlackResponse: """Deletes a message that was sent by a bot Parameters ---------- channel : ts : Returns ------- """ return self.client.chat_delete(channel=channel, ts=ts).data