Source code for glados.configs

import logging
from typing import List, Union

import yaml

from .utils import PyJSON

[docs]def read_config(config_file: str): logging.debug(f"Reading GLaDOS config from {config_file}") config = GladosConfig(config_file) config.read_config() return config
[docs]class GladosConfig: def __init__(self, config_file: str): self.config = None # type: Union[None, PyJSON] self.config_file = config_file
[docs] def read_config(self): """Read the config file into a config object""" logging.debug(f"loading glados config") try: with open(self.config_file) as file: c = yaml.load(file, yaml.FullLoader) self.config = PyJSON(c) except FileNotFoundError as e: logging.critical(f"glados config file not found: {self.config_file} - {e}") raise FileNotFoundError(e) except OSError as e: logging.critical( f"error reading glados config file: {self.config_file} - {e}" ) raise OSError(e) except yaml.YAMLError as e: logging.critical( f"error reading yaml in glados config file: {self.config_file} - {e}" ) raise yaml.YAMLError(e)
@property def sections(self) -> List[str]: """what sections are there in the config file Returns ------- sorted list of sections in the yaml file """ if not self.config: return list() return sorted(list(self.config.to_dict().keys()))